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Leave a Legacy



In Support of PCLS: A Center of Community Life


The Pope County Library System Foundation (PCLSF) would like to share information with you how anyone can leave a legacy for the Pope County Libraries while meeting one’s own financial and personal objectives. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to reduce income, gift, and estate taxes; secure a source of cash flow for the rest of your life; and/or reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.


phi·lan·thro·pist / noun / (fĭ-lăn’thrə-pĭst)

someone who makes charitable donations

intended to increase human well-being


Plans for a city library started in July 1885 when the Excelsior Club, a group of civic-minded young men started raising funds for a city library. The San Souci Russellville Women’s Group took charge of the library. Books were moved to the club rooms. The Libraries in Atkins, Dover, Hector, and Russellville, known as the Pope County Library System, provide:

Gathering Places: Libraries create a sense of place

Educational Centers: Public libraries are for everyone at every stage of their life.

Meeting space for community groups.

Neutral ground for opposing groups and for the discussion of difficult and controversial
community topics.

A level playing field. Equal access to information regardless of intellect or income.


Throughout PCLS’ history, individuals have stepped forward to contribute to the education of area residents. The late Dr. Donald Harkey provided for the expansion of the current Russellville Public Library. As a result, the Library Board of Trustees named the expansion after the Harkeys. The late Laura Shull, a News Reporter, and avid reader, decided to leave her estate to the Library System, and patrons Charles and Helen Laffoon, and Orville and Ellen Hubbard followed in her footsteps.

We know that Communities with vibrant cultural assets attract the companies and workers that fuel the new economy.


For more than a century, Pope County Library System has provided services to area residents through resources and collections, programming, instruction, and reference services to the areas future teachers, doctors, lawyers, community activists, and leaders.

We are focused on planning and providing library services to the next generation through building new library facilities, expanding programming, and creating a book endowment so the next generation will not have to worry if State Aid to Public Libraries is cut.

As philanthropists, the late Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harkey changed our history. Only today’s philanthropist can keep us on course.



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