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Message from the Director

Shawn Pierce | director@popelibrary.org | 479-968-4368

A Balancing Act: Budget Simulation Software

We are excited to offer a Budget Simulation Software to get feedback before budget time from the Public, Staff and Board so users can simulate the budget and move numbers around. 



The Pope County Library System is supported in part by Millage, State Aid and Property Relief Tax. One Mill (one-tenth of a cent) provides for 77% of the system’s support and costs tax payers $1 per $1,000 of assessed property tax.


Property Tax

PCLS receives 1 mill of the County Property Tax minus 6% commission (County Treasurer 2% and Tax Collector 4%) which includes Real, Personal, and Utility tax. Property Tax supports 9% of the annual budget.

State Aid

Libraries in Arkansas that have a librarian with a Master of Library Science degree, receive funds budgeted and distributed by the Arkansas State Library Board. These funds are received by the Arkansas State Library from the Arkansas State Legislature. State Aid from the Arkansas State Library provides 8% of the support to PCLS.


Other Support

Other support is received through Delinquent Personal Tax, Land Redemption Tax, State Land Redemption and money collected for copies and fines.


Expenditures per capita $19.59 – Expenditures per capita reflect the community’s financial support for the library in relation to its size. Operating expenditures (personnel, collections, and general operations) from other sources such as state aid and grants are also included. Capital expenditures that vary dramatically from year to year are not included.Expenditures per capita for the PCLS Libraries is $19.59.

Indirect Benefits to Pope County

The Pope County Library System’s four libraries provide both direct and indirect benefits to the community. Indirect benefits include: the use of libraries help to create a literate population; offer a gathering place, are for everyone at every stage of their life, and level the playing field by providing equal access to information regardless of intellect or income.

Direct Benefits to Pope County

Direct benefits include services received by library users from the use of books, music, films, reference material, and electronic databases, as well as the estimated value received when librarians answered reference questions.


County Employer

The PCLS employs 43 individuals in its 4 libraries in positions as librarians, and clerks, in full-time, and part-time roles. 98% of the employees live in Pope County. This means that employees are spending a significant proportion of their salary locally, supporting Pope County’s economy. Not only are the wages, operating and capital expenditures infused into the local economy but they also have a ripple effect as the dollars are re-spent.


Personal services makes up 71% or $951,322.46 of the County Library Fund’s $1.3 million operating budget. Book purchases made up 10% and had a return of $7.429 million dollars in 2014. 14% of the fund us used for Maintenance & Operations of the libraries.


During 2014, 26 volunteers donated 2,318 hours saving the System $51,320.52. Patrons used the libraries’ 29 computers. 90,002 reference and informational questions were answered.148,252 patrons physically visited, and there were 88,174 virtual visits to thelibraries as the economy continued to recover.


The system’s 29,940 patrons circulated the libraries 117,052 volumes 297,186 times. The collection “turned over” 2.54 times. At an average cost of $25 per book, Citizens of Pope County saved $7.429 million dollars in book purchases alone.