May Russell Postcard Collection
Grand Canyon of Arizona From Hotel El Tovar.
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May Russell Postcard Collection
Detroit Publishing Co.
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Front: This is a colorized image of the Grand Canyon.

Back of card:
Postmarked: "FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ. MAR 9 6PM 1910."

Printed description:
"The Grand Canyon, sublimest of gorges, a perpendicular mile from rim to river (seven miles by trail) and thirteen dizzy miles across to the opposite Canyon wall! Eluding all sense of perspective or dimention, outstretching the facultu of measurement, a boding, terrible thing, unflinchingly real, yet spectral as a dream. A labyrinth of architectural forms, endlessly varied by design, fretted with ornamental devices, and painted with every color known to the palette in pure transparent tones of marvelous delicacy."

"Don't see how my letters missed you, but am on my way back to Ark. now. Will pass thru Russ. Sunday aft. On No. 3, I think. Geo."
"Miss May Russell, Russellville, Arkansas"
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Grand Canyon of Arizona from Hotel El TovarGrand Canyon of Arizona from Hotel El Tovar
Grand Canyon of Arizona from Hotel El Tovar (back)Grand Canyon of Arizona from Hotel El Tovar (back)